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Concerned about Geocities Closing?

I was reading about the fact that Geocities is shutting down.  I know that there are alot of people that use that space to host their stories.  Though the closure will not impact anything of mine directly, I do have a site that can host anyone's stories that is interested. 
I am having just a small problem with spam reviews but I am getting a cap put on that as we speak. So if anyone is wondering where they can post a story they are welcome to create an account on this site and post there. This is a VERY small site and gets next to no visitors unless an author posts the link to their story. Thats what I do with my stories. 
It hosts a few different fandoms. This is only because I write in a few different fandoms. I am willing to add fandoms so authors can keep all their stories together on one site. 
I am not looking to boost my web traffic. I created the page two years ago as a class final. A few months after that I added my stories to it. About a year or so ago an archive site went belly-up and asked if I would host their stories for them. Other than that, its all thats on there. 
Its just a suggestion. I thought this site, that sits there forgotten most of the time, could help someone else. 

The link to the site is 

Look from the Inside
if this is something you are interested in, or know someone who might be, please feel free to go to the site.  And please let me know if you have any questions about the site or adding different fandoms. 
Thank You 
Angela (SDream)*(Skywalker's Dream) - fandom depending
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That was Insane!!!

Has anyone out there ever watched Lost? I have been following the series for the last few weeks and managed to watch every episode. But tonights...OMG!!! I am still blown away. Anyone else seen it???

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For the longest time I could not even get into this site. Man I have never in my like been happier to get something back. I now have my computer back and it hold not limitations. What does this mean? This means I am back!!! I believe I have said that already.

But on to better news. I still have one move left but if I plan it right I will be off line for no more than a day, and I promise I will keep everyone up to date.

I always feel I have to have something interesting to put into these things, but today I dont. It has become a habit for me to try to get to the site to update this, but I never thought about what I would post when I did...So when I got in today I was not prepared. So lets just say that I am ALIVE *grin*

You should be hearing from me more and more now. So say hi ... Lets hope I still have some friends out there.

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I finally made it back

Well everyone I am back and ready to get back into things. I have been getting started again really slowly. I dont want to just fall into all my old habits again. LOL its not like I was posting HERE all the time but I was online alot. It was time to cut back. But I wanted to let all of you know that I am well and everything is great.

Thanks you everyone that sent me their well wishes

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I will be MIA for a month

Just so that you all know what happened. I am fine and everyone is fine I just will not be online until around 1 July. This too means the Crossover Awards are on hold until that time. All my sites will go on hold as well. Sorry for the bad timing. I will see you all ina month.
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The Crossover Awards

Well seeing how I was putting this up everywhere else I figured I might as well do it here as well.  Its a great program for all you fanfiction writers and readers.  Come take a look.



The Crossover Awards


Got a story that spans more than one fandom?  Or maybe have just read one?  Now there is an awards site set up just for those stories that you never really know what to do with.  That you never really know what fandom they belong in. 


Check out for more detail.


We need nominations.  We need more judges.  We need you to go take a look.


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TV Shows

You know its not fun when you get hooked on a show and cant watch it. And even worse when you want to buy the series and you watch more and more shows coming out on DVD but the one you want never shows.

For those of you that are wondering, I am talking about Charmed. I have never bought shows on DVD before but that would be one I would buy. But sadly its not out on DVD. I heard yesterday that someone here in the Netherlands has the 1st season in PAL version. Now I know my player will play it but what happens when I move back home and this player gives out and I have to buy a new one. Then I will not be able to watch it. *sniff* Still thinking about it though. Thats if this information is reliable.

But this is the info I was able to find out about the release of Charmed on DVD:

Charmed will be released in late-2005 at the earliest. This is when Paramount will retain the home video rights to the series and can look into releasing it on DVD.

So looks like I have a long wait ahead of me and leads me to believe that the person that said they have it either has a bootleg copy or doesn't have it at all. :(
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A New Look

Well look around and you will see lots of new things. Thats right I have been bitten by the facelift bug and have totally revamped my site and in turn my LJ to match.

I had no problems with the old layout but I had it given to me a long time ago and I wanted to finally make one of my own. Everything is still really easy to follow, and I am hoping its EASIER to follow.

Feel free to take a look at the site at

I am very happy with the new look. Concider it spring cleaning online.

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Joyful and Mundain Parts of Life

What do I have to say today. I have been trying really hard to update this thing more often. Well the good news is that today marks the end of Hubby's 4 day trip to Italy. He will be home tonight!! Now after all the HUGE deployments he has had in the past and recently a 4 day trip seemed to fly by. I thought it would be easier though. I found that after having him with me for a month I was bored out of my mind while he was gone. I think that proves that I am stuck on him.

It is so nice to have him home for a while and though I had not forgotten that, him being gone this time just made me realizemore how much I love him.

So what have I been doing to stay busy? As some of you have seen from talking to me online the last few days, I got bit by the cleaning bug. And it was my bright idea that I needed to clean my carpets. I did not think they looked that bad but it was way past time to do it. (We have lived here for a year and a half and the most cleaning I have done to them is when something was spilled on them) So I borrowed my neighbors cleaner and went to work. Well what can I say about was NASTY!!! I mean really. It was like I pulled the garden out of my dinning room. The water was like MUD!!! What would it have looked like had I waited until I thought it NEEDED it!

The funny part about it too is that the carpet is this nice blue. I honestly had forgotten that. LOL It was almost grey! and just to show hubby when he gets home I took a short video of it. You know those comercials where they show this grimy floor and then they run the mop over one spot and it shines so clean? I swear thats what this looked like!

Ok I am now officially grossed out.

Now there is the chore of doing the second floor. I have two rooms done but had to come down for more weapons to combat my daughters room. Seems she walked all over a red crayon. and its grounded into the carpet. Grrrrrr

Ok off to work again. Just thought I would take the time to post a bit. :)
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